Welcome to akvARENA SEA2011
18th August at AquaNor 2011, Trondheim, Norway

Food supply from environmentally friendly
aquaculture – a dream or reality?

Welcome to akvARENA SEA2011: “Food supply from environmentally friendly aquaculture – a dream or reality?”

A conference addressing the potential dilemmas regarding increased aquaculture production.

Aquaculture is predicted to be very important for future global provision of food. The aquaculture industry is currently undergoing rapid development and has great potential for an increase in food production. Most commercial food productions are affecting the environment and aquaculture is no exception.

Governments in important areas like the Americas, EU and South East Asia seek to develop aquaculture in order to secure the supply of food. On the other hand, important NGO groups are concerned about how food production is affecting the environment e.g. the situation regarding the wild stocks (overfishing and genetic influence), the biosecurity situation (fish welfare, fish health), discharges and aquaculture occupying areas. Many politicians are also supporting this view, and therefore there is potential for an increased conflict.

In addition to food security and environmental issues, food safety is an important factor. Politicians all over the world are concerned about declining wild fish stocks and are establishing limiting values for ingredients in fish feed. Are these limitations too strict? E.g. we shut out utilization of input factors, which from a sustainable point of view, could be the best option.

Regardless of which part of the world we are addressing, increased aquaculture production has dilemmas – and this conference will present and debate some of the most important questions.

The conference akvARENA SEA2011 is held 18th August at AquaNor 2011, Trondheim, Norway